An Application with a difference

Participant App.  The app allows participants to register and answer pre-screening questions, it also allows participants to receive survey sent to them, complete the survey and receive monetary rewards into their bank accounts. Functionalities Participant Registration Location Tracking Survey Notification Survey Completion E-Wallet Business/Researcher App.  The App allows businesses or individual researchers to create their surveys and buy responses from appropriate respondents on our platform. Functionalities Registration and Authentication Buy Responses Survey Creation Analyze Survey Results Card Payment  

We cover Policy Research

Policy research ensures policymakers, donors and other NGOs have the evidence, insights and understanding of public and/or social issues and trends that allow them to make the best policy decisions, and which allow them to monitor and evaluate outcomes of those policy decisions and responses. SurveyPlus provides government and NGOs with a cost-effective platform that delivers timely research and evidence underpinning new or existing policy programmes on areas such as health, crime, work, water, sanitation, education, and transportation among others. Public Policy Research Areas: Criminal Justice: death penalty, drug policy Culture and Society: human rights Economic Affairs: budgets and taxes…