A beneficiary of the partnership between SurveyPlus and the Microfinance bank

SurveyPlus partners with a licensed Microfinance Bank to drive Financial Inclusion in Nigeria

SurveyPlus, through his partner Microfinance Bank now does cash transfers to selected financially excluded participants on the SurveyPlus Platform. Bank accounts are opened for these participants where the cash is transfered into. The beneficiaries use the cash to start a micro business to improve the livelihood of their households. Below are some of the pictures of the beneficiaries in Jigawa state who received cash transfers of 5,000 Naira each. The beneficiaries, in return, respond to surveys administered to them through the SurveyPlus field agents over a period of time

SurveyPlus, More than ordinary Surveys.

Survey Services for Researchers: SurveyPlus delivers best-in-class survey research services to academic researchers in various research areas in the Social Sciences, Business & Management, Public Health and Education for academic staff and students of tertiary institutions. We provide survey services in the following academic research areas: Research Areas in the Social Sciences: Anthropology, Economics, Political Science, Sociology, Social Psychology and also Research Areas in Business & Management: Human Resource Management, Marketing, Operations Management, Financial Management, Management Information Systems

We cover even the most Rural Environments

We currently have a nationally representative sample of adult Nigerians as “target audience” on our platform. This sample is balanced across the states in Nigeria, gender, age group, urban-rural location, income level among others. We are enrolling more adult Nigerians into our balanced sample to provide a larger target audience base for our customers. Vision: To create the best survey and data analysis tool that meet the needs of organizations and individual researchers in a cost-effective and timely manner. Mission: To deliver data and actionable insights to organizations and researchers by providing these institutions and individuals with timely and cost-effective access…

Our Agents are everywhere to assist respondents

SurveyPlus is a leading online platform providing superior survey and data analysis services to businesses, researchers and governmental/non-governmental organizations. Our passion is simplifying access to survey respondents, data collection and data analysis for actionable insights. Download our App on PlayStore SurveyPlus presents opportunities for organizations and individuals to have fast and easy access to respondents suitable for their surveys. They select their sample survey respondents from thousands of SurveyPlus’ balanced respondents’ database; create and send their surveys to their select number of target respondents. Survey respondents receive and complete surveys almost immediately helping organizations and individuals to complete their data collection…